Micro Irrigation

As your local Nowra & South Coast NSW irrigation experts, we understand both the demand for top quality water access for your purposes and the necessity of resource conservation. Additionally, we recognise that certain types of vegetation require only small amounts of hydration, and can suffer from over-watering. Our Southern Water micro irrigation systems allow for watering of plants with precision, on or below the soil surface.

Micro irrigation uses several methods and specialised products for direct watering, often applying a slow flow of water right at the roots. Using a sprinkler-based system, our team can install micro fittings which allow for a range of spray pressures and amounts. These are fully adjustable for your specific needs. By far the most cost-effective and eco friendly with micro irrigation is drip irrigation. Drip systems record 90% efficiency, compared to 75-85% as measured with sprinkler systems.

Because of this, drip irrigation is popular in Australia’s dry areas. Budget-friendly and easily installed, this is the preferred system of micro irrigation by many, and in some drought areas in NSW, this is the only method of automatic irrigation you are permitted to use in your garden.