Pipes and tubes are the motorways of any irrigation system, and it’s vital these are of great quality and kept in prime working condition. There are dozens of options with piping and tubing, in terms of material, design, and use. At Southern Water Company we supply and install all types, and can assist you in choosing the best product for you. We stock a wide range of tubes and pipes, including the following:

  • Low Density Poly (LDPE Irrigation Pipe)
    Commonly used in domestic and commercial irrigation systems, these pipes have a medium pressure rating.
  • Metric Poly (HDPE Blue Line Pipe)
    Rated to 1250kpa this pipe is appropriate for use with “mains pressure.”
  • Rural B Poly (MDPE Green Line Pipe)
    This is a rural grade of poly pipe, which is limited to 600 kpa operating pressure and is available in the old imperial diameters from 3/4″ to 2″. High pressure rural fittings are used with these pipes.
  • Inline Drip or Dripline
    Made by Netafim this is the piping typically used with drip irrigation systems. Composed of good quality brown poly, this tubing has self-contained drippers welded into the interior wall at regular intervals.
  • Clear Vinyl Tubing
    This type of strong and flexible tubing is frequently used with ponds or fish tanks.
  • Black Ribbed Hoses
    Also used widely in ponds and filters, black corrugated ribbed hose is flexible, able to withstand sun damage, and prevents kinking.
  • Fire Fighting Layflat Hose
    We supply heavy duty layflat hoses for major applications, specifically geared for use with fire fighting pumps.

Pipes and Tubes